MFG200 215mm Ø Metal Fan Guard. Fits 218x218mm Fan

MFG200 215mm Ø Metal Fan Guard. Fits 218x218mm Fan

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Manufacturer FANDISEU
Fan Size 218x218mm
MFG Size 215mm


Metal Fan Guards


Metal fan guards facilitate the protection of valuable component parts such as the impeller in addition to preventing accidental exposure and harm to personal in contact with the moving fan.  


Steel Wire AISI C1010


Nickel Chrome plated


MFG200 MFG250 Diagram

The MFG200 is our resilient metal fan guard made to protect against potential injuries. Although rare, accidental exposure can occur though contact with the moving fan. Regardless of whether the fan a plastic compact fan or a metal one, this inexpensive method of protection can stop unnecessary accidents and is therefore crucial to any enclosure using box fans. It not only protects people but the components inside. The metal finger guards offer protection from items such as debris accessing the cabinet and potentially damaging the equipment.  The MFG200 metal fan guards can be installed with ease as they are designed with 4 fixing holes, one on each side making a square. They can be fixed with metal screws or plastic rivets, which we can also supply. The metal fan guard should be attached directly to the box fan. At Axair fans our compact fans come with cut-out corners in order to make installing the finger guard an easy and simple process. The MFG200 is 215 x 240 and is made from steel wire AISI C1010 that is nickel chrome plated. The metal finger guard has IP20 rated protection against water and dust. It provides moving parts protection, according to EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 13857 standards. The MFG range comes in 13 sizes ranging from 23 x 20 to 278 x 295. At Axair Fans plastic finger guards and plastic quick mount fan guards are also available. In our wide and varied range of finger guards there is sure to be a product to meet the user’s needs. 

Model MFG200 Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C Dimension D Dimension E
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240 250 5.4