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C100 Fan Power Lead 100" (2540mm) Single Insulated Straight Connection
Fan Power Leads
C36 Fan Power Lead 36" (910mm) Single Insulated Straight Connection
Fan power Lead C80
Elastic Rivets
Fast Assembly Ribet 17mm
FAR225TPN Plastic Rivets 22mm

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From fan power leads in straight and angled versions to elastic rivets, Axair online have all the accessories required for a quick and simple installation within a cabinet or enclosure.

Our range of power cords and plastic or elastic rivets are designed for fast installation with our ranges of ECAC or DC frame fans and fan filter units

The simplicity of these accessories makes the cooling an enclosure easy and cost-effective.

Our leads come in lengths of 24" (610mm)36" (910mm)79" (2032mm) or 100" (2540mm) in straight connections with 45 degree versions and daisy chain linking options available on request.

Our rivets are available in either plastic (17mm and 22mm) or elastic versions. The elastic rivets are designed to reduce noise and vibration due to their rubber composition. All our rivets are sold in packs of 400 pieces.

Shop our power cords and leads or fan mounting rivets below.