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Vented Plug Fixing PG29 Ø37mm **DISCONTINUED**
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Effective Management of Pressure Differentials

Electronic enclosures are subject to pressure differentials as the internal and external air temperatures change. This is particularly the case when cabinets are well protected. The pressure compensation device, or vent plug, (CP-U55-00) is designed to prevent condensation forming inside the enclosure as a result of humid air entering through door seals due to a negative internal pressure. It does this by preventing the ingress of dust and water (rated IP55), whilst allowing the humid air to escape through a membrane. Thus, achieving pressure equalisation within the enclosure.

Easy Installation

Axair's pressure compensation device can be fitted easily and retrospectively to any cabinet following the steps below:

1. Make a circular cut-out of Ø37mm in the enclosure panel.

2. Fix the pressure compensation device in place using the PG29 nut, ensuring that the sealing gasket is mounted on the outside of the enclosure panel.

Optimising Pressure Compensation

To ensure the device is performing at an optimum level of pressure compensation, Axair recommend that two devices are used per enclosure mounted on opposite sides. The devices are best positioned near the top of the cabinet.