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Reverse Airflow Fan Filter Enclosure Diagram

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Fan filter units, also commonly known as Panel Fans, are used for enclosure or cabinet climate control to dissipate heat from within the unit to prevent the premature failure of the equipment inside it.

Practical filter fans are designed with the user in mind. Our ‘FPF’ filter fans come in industry standard sizes and feature ‘Click-fit’ assembly allowing the user to mount to standard panel cut outs. We can offer a complementary installation solution with our panel adapters, giving installers more space inside the enclosure when space is limited. As well as installation adapters we can supply weatherproof steel covers for added protection from the ingress of liquid when placing a panel fan on an enclosure either in outdoor environments subject to the elements or those where fluid may be present, eg factory floors being washed down.

EMC versions are also available on request. The FPF range of fan filters are manufactured with integrated sealing gaskets for dust and water protection making them IP54 protected with IP55 variants available on request. The units contain highly durable ball bearing fans and our filter fans boast of a lifetime of up to 70000 hours.

Using a Panel Fan / Fan Filter Unit

Standard Airflow Enclosure Fan filter unit

Both fan filter and filter provide protection to IP54 and prevent the ingress of dust and water splashes. Increased protection can be specified to IP55 if needed on most of the range. We have a variety of filters for use as cabinet fan filters or enclosure fan filters. The most common method to effectively control the temperature in an enclosure is to pull the warm air out (reverse flow) near the top using a fan filter while cooler air is drawn in through a stand alone filter at the bottom of the cabinet (see first illustration). Alternatively, a standard flow fan filter unit and exhaust can be used to suck cool air into the enclosure (see second illustration).

A filter fan should be used alongside a filter exhaust enabling the free movement of air, either into or out of the enclosure. G3 or G4 filter media should also be used to encourage effective ingress protection, protecting components and internal housing from dust and liquid.

  • EMC versions available on request
  • IP54 or IP55 ingress protected
  • Plastic parts in PC/ABS alloy
  • Fast mounting and side mounting with click fitting technology
  • Can be used in conjuntion with an adaptor to save space within the enclosure
  • Also available in FF and GF versions - contact us for more information

Installing a Filter Fan

Download our installation instructions for the Fandis FPF range of fan filter units for a step-by-step guide to mounting and electrical connections. Alternatively, visit our knowledge zone to read our simple 5 step mounting guide.

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