The FF Range - Premium Enclosure Cooling

The premium range* of FF filter fan units with slide opening, fast electrical connection and faster installation due to it's click lock fastening and protective seal. 

The FF series of filters and filter fans comprise solutions for the installation of devices for cooling and thermal management of the electrical panel with technologies ranging from protection against foreign bodies and splashing of water (with IP55 protection) to the version for outdoor installation (Type 3R), up to the version with electromagnetic shielding (EMC). The FF Series comprises both filters and filter fan assemblies. They come as standard in colour RAL 7035, but are available in 4 other colours on request.

*our standard range of fan filter units exist in the FPF range. View FPF filter fan products here. 


FF Filter Fans in the Range by Cut Out Size

FF08 - Cut out size 92x92mm

FF12 - Cut out size 124x124mm

FF13 - Cut out size 177x177mm

FF15  - Cut out size 223x223mm

FF20 - Cut out size 291x291mm


Useful SKU Coding Information


Example: FF08A115UNR5

FF08 (FF08 Filter fan suitable for cut out size 92x92) A115 (115V.AC) U (Ral 7035) NR (Reverse Airflow) 5 (IP55) C (EMC)