Technical Datasheet Downloads

After finding and purchasing the product you require, whether it be fan filter units, cabinet thermostats or enclosure heaters, you may require additional technical datasheets or O&M manuals. Here in the downloads section you will find technical data and specification sheets for our varied range of fan filter unit and climate control accessories. For in depth information, educational resources or technical guides, we suggest visiting our knowledge zone. Alternatively you can subscribe to our weekly newsletters featuring handy hints and tips, industry related climate control news and the latest product updates. We also throw in the odd promotion for our loyal customers so there's more to gain by subscribing.

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Filter Fans


Fan Filter Fitting Instructions


FPF08K Series Fan Filters


FPF08KD Series Fan Filters


FPF12K Series Fan Filters



FPF13K Series Fan Filters


FPF13K EMC Series Fan Filters


FPF13KG Series Fan Filters


FPF13KP Series Fan Filters



FPF13KPD Series Fan Filters


 FPF15K Series Fan Filters


FPF15KD Series Fan Filters 


FPF15KG Series Fan Filters 


FPF15KM Series Fan Filters



FPF15KP Series Fan Filters 


FPF20K Series Fan Filters



FPF20KG BE Series Fan Filters



FPF20KE-120 Series Fan Filters





Roof Exhaust Fan Units

T19 Roof Fan

T19 Metal Roof Exhaust Unit


T22 Roof Exhaust Unit

T22 Metal Roof Exhaust Unit


TP19 Roof Exhaust Fan

TP19 Plastic Roof Exhaust Unit


TP19 Roof Exhaust Fan IP54

TP19 IP54 Plastic Roof

Exhaust Unit 

TP19 Roof Exhaust Fan IP55

TP19 IP55 Plastic Roof

Exhaust Unit

AC Compact Frame Axial Fans

A06GF Compact Fan

A06GF Compact Fan


  A08AF Frame Fan

A08AF Compact Fan


A08BF Frame Fan

A08BF Compact Fan


A09AF Frame Fan 

A09AF Compact Fan


  A12AF Frame Fan

A12AF Compact Fan


A12BW Frame Fan

A12BW Compact Fan


A12BMT Compact Fan

A12BMT Compact Fan


A12BW IP55 Compact Fan

A12BW IP55 Compact Fan


A12Z WW Compact Fan

A12Z WW Compact Fan


A17CF Compact Fan

A17CF Compact Fan



DC Compact Frame Axial Fans

  DC Compact Axial Fan

D04D Compact Fan


  D04DZ Compact Axial Fan

D04DZ Compact Fan


D04E Compact Axial Fan

D04E Compact Fan


DC Compact Axial Fan

D04E05HWBT00 Compact Fan


D06AA DC Compact Axial Fan 

D06AA Compact Fan


DC Compact Axial Fan

D08A Compact Fan


  D08AA Compact Fan

D08AA Compact Fan


D08A IP55 Compact Fan

D08A IP55 Compact Fan


  D08D Compact Fan

D08D Compact Fan


D09AZ Compact Fan

D09AZ Compact Fan


  D12AZ Compact Frame Fan

D12AZ Compact Fan


D12BZ Compact Frame Fan

D12BZ Compact Fan


D12BZ00 Compact Fans

D12BZ00 Compact Fan


  D50F Compact Axial

D50F Compact Fan




ATEX EC IP68 Compact Frame Axial Fans


ATEX EC Axial Fans IP68 HEC


HEC ATEX Test Certificate

HEC ATEX Test Certificate




HTM Heater

HTM Anti Condensation Heaters


HTP Heater

HTP Anti Condensation Heaters

(Touch-Safe Plastic)

HWM Heater

HWM Anti Condensation Heaters


HWP Heater

HWP Anti Condensation Heaters

(Touch-Safe Plastic)



  TRT Thermostat

TRT Thermostats


  TRT01 Thermostat

TRT01 Thermostats



TRT2-01 Thermostats



IGR35F Hygrostats




CP-U55-00 Pressure Compensation Device

Pressure Compensation Devices




ISO Certificate



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