EC Compact Axial Cooling Fans

Our standard and customer designed EC compact fans are a cost effective component for those looking for an energy efficient product for use within applications including refrigeration, server cooling and enclosure cooling.

EC Compact Axial Fans

EC Axial Compact Fans are specifically designed for enclosures, server cooling and control panels. They offer dust and water protection as well as being compact in size. A wide selection of airflows are available.

All EC frame axial fans are available with ball bearings as standard in both 115v and 230v current. You can find the maximum air flow achievable with each specific fan on product pages.

We stock a wide range of compact frame fans for both AC, DC & EC fans. This includes solutions specific to different ambient conditions such as IP55 protectionhigh temperature and all metal resistant fans.

EC Technology stands for Electronically Commutated and combines AC and DC voltages, which is essentially a fan with a brushless DC motor, bringing the best of both technologies. The motor runs on a DC voltage, but with a normal AC supply. Learn more about EC fans and EC technology.

Also known as Frame Fans, these versatile products are often used in refrigeration, enclosure cooling and general ventilation applications. Compact Frame Axial Fans are often used alongside fan filter exhausts to produce fan filter units to protect components from premature failure.

To protect from injury you should consider using compact a metal fan guard or plastic finger guard guard alongside your EC Axial Compact Fan. Using a metal fan guard will protect the moving parts of the compact fan and prevent harm to those who come into contact with it.

If you are in need of an ATEX certified version of our EC compact fans, please see our HEC range which benefits from IP68 protection.


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