Explosion Proof (ATEX) EC Compact Axial Fans

Introducing the ATEX EC Frame Axial fan. Exclusive to Axair Fans and available to buy online, the innovative HEC range is not only ATEX certified, but also has a fully encapsulated EC motor ingress protected to IP68. Ideal in potentially hazardous environments and power hungry applications such as refrigeration.

ATEX Compact EC Axial Frame Fan IP68

As of 20th April 2016, the new Directive ATEX 2014-34 EU has superseded the previous ATEX 94/9/EC Directive which became legally effective on 1 July 2003.

If you are not sure whether you need an explosion proof ATEX fan or need to know the ATEX zone in which your application is classified, please consult an official authority in your country.

ATEX is an acronym derived from the words “Atmospheres Explosibles” and forms part of a European equipment directive known as ATEX 2014-34 EU. The directive covers manufacturing standards and ensures that people are protected against the risk that may be caused by dangerous substances. An application will require an explosion proof ATEX fan if there are flammable, combustible gases or dusts present at any time in the airstream. 

To protect personnel and the public from harm consider using compact frame axial fans alongside a metal fan guard or plastic finger guard. Using a metal fan guard will protect moving parts of the frame axial fan and prevent harm to those in contact. We supply a wide range of axial fans including high temperatureDC EC and AC.

The ATEX EC IP68 Compact Axial Fan Range:

View the ATEX test certificate.

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