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IGR35F Enclosure Hygrostat IP20 for Humidity Control
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Themostat Normally Closed
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Thermostat (Normally Open)
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Change over
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TRT2-10A230V-NCNO Twin Enclosure Thermostat 12-60V DC 110-250V AC
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Effective Cabinet Temperature Regulation & Control

Our Fandis range of cabinet fan thermostats are temperature and humidity regulators that help to guarantee the optimal conditions inside the enclosure for trouble free operations with electrical components. Fandis fan thermostats or heater thermostats have control ranges of -10 to +80 degrees Celsius. For use with heaters or fans we are sure to have an enclosure thermostat to meet your needs, even spanning to change over thermostats with existing NC & NO Thermostats.

Fandis hygrostats can also be used with heaters or fans to keep the relative humidity (RH) levels of enclosures below the dew point and prevent condensation forming on electrical components. All are available with screw terminals with simple snap on mounting systems for use with standard DIN rails.

Enclsoure ThermostatsFitting an inexpensive thermostat alongside a fan filter unit offers many paybacks and all are cost effective methods which ultimately save money for the end user. The most observable benefit been that the fan is only drawing power or running, when the rise in the enclosure temperature calls for it, just like your central heating switches on when your other half demands it. So the end user saves energy which extends the lifetime of the components which consequently reduces the cost of replacements. Or you don’t use a thermostat and leave it running 24 hours a day, seven days a week putting additional strain on the fan filter unit which may ultimately increase the cost of replacements.

As a result of reducing the time that the fan is running, the media within a fan filter, that captures all the dust and crud from entering your control panel, is not going to fill up so quickly. You’ll have less maintenance downtime and replacement filter material costs to worry about.

So there it is, the choice to fit a thermostat alongside the cooling fan filter units in a control panel is an easy one to make. Turning the household thermostat up against your will, is always a hard decision, but fitting a thermostat to a control panel shouldn’t be. Save energy, save money, save time….