The Benefits of LED Enclosure Lights

We discuss the benefits of installing LED lights over fluorescent lights in enclosures. 

It is common knowledge that LED's are more economical than fluorescent lights but here we discuss a number of additional benefits of installing LED lights in enclosures.

Installing lights inside an enclosure is a simple safety measure to ensure optimal inspection and safe control conditions. Regular maintenance checks are required in enclosures and electrical cabinets and there is often the added inconvenience of the units being placed in small, poorly lit areas. Poor vision within enclosure cabinets where there are high voltages present is a safety issue, it is therefore best practice to keep the enclosure visible and clear with good lighting.

If you have not yet utilised LED lights, perhaps you have not been made aware of some of the advantages they provide over standard fluorescent lighting within an enclosure.

Fluorescent lamps produce light by converting ultraviolet (UV) emissions with a fluorescent coating on the inside of their tube. The UV is generated by an electrical charge that passes through the inert mercury that is contained within the bulb. The gas is excited by the electricity and UV radiation is consequently released. As a fluorescent light begins to age, more voltage is required to produce the same amount of light, eventually the voltage will exceed the resistance provided by the ballast and the light will fail (approximately 10,000 hours).

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. In brief, this is an electronic component with two electrodes (anode and cathode) through which electricity flows. They are generally made from semi-conductive materials, such as silicon and selenium, which conduct electricity. When current passes through the material, visible light is emitted. LED lights fail by gradually dimming over time; they can last 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

What Are the Additional Benefits of LED Lights?


LED lights respond instantly with no warm up time and are, therefore, an ideal light within an enclosure when fast checks or readings are being undertaken. Fluorescent lights are slower to respond and age significantly if they are frequently switched on and off.

Shock Resistance

Fluorescent bulbs are fragile and contain toxic mercury and phosphor. Both are hazardous materials that present a waste disposal issue. Breaking a bulb by accident will release an amount of toxic material as a gas. LED's are solid state and far more difficult to damage by physical shock, thus reducing the risk of contamination.


LED lighting has virtually zero maintenance costs. The frequency by which the bulbs have to be changed is by far the best on the market. LED's last longer than any current light source commercially available.


LED's emit very little heat which, within an enclosure, is important for the safe operation and longevity of the equipment inside. In contrast, fluorescent lights typically waste 15-18% of their energy as heat loss.


Not only are LED's more energy efficient than fluorescents, reducing costs in use, but the payback period is shortened primarily by the reduction in maintenance costs. The shorter lifespan of fluorescent lights means they would need to be purchased and replaced several times within the lifespan of an LED light.

FLL Series LED Enclosure Lights

The FLL lamp, with a dual supply voltage of 115/230V AC (also available in single 115 or 230V supply), meets all installation needs, having standard fixing screws or, alternatively, a magnetic fixing system for an easier positioning on metallic surfaces. To simplify and expand the possibilities of connection, the lamp uses a graft with cage clamp terminal on both sides that allows a quick wiring without the use of tools, and can be used alongside 9 other units to daisy chain for larger installation. In addition, the 356mm cable is adequate enough to provide efficient positioning within the enclosure. Alongside a switch on/off mechanism the FLL Series of LED enclosure lights now also activate by PIR sensor that detects the movement with a radius of 120 degrees, turn off automatically after 60′ if not reactivated.

Operating on voltages from 85Vac to 265Vac they are protected by a tough polycarbonate shield and are fully UL approved according to UL 508. These lights are designed around the technical aspects of enclosures and will provide safe, reliable, adaptable lighting. The energy saving range is designed to maximise performance, brightness and provide cost savings. It’s 40 built-in LED's display daylight colour to colour temperature 7100k bright delivering a pleasant light. 


The FLL range of enclosure lights are available to buy online, view the full range here.