Compact Axial Fans for Load Banks

Learn why compact axial fans are the preferred choice for rack mounted load banks. 

Compact axial fans provide an effective cooling solution in rack mounted load banks, delivering a reliable flow of cool air over the resistive load elements. This enables the load bank to run at full capacity without overheating.


Load banks are required to test back up power sources that are used in the event of power outages. Load banks can simulate large power loads by applying it to equipment such as generators, battery backups, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) and power distribution units (PDUs). Load banks apply the load to the backup power source in a stable, controlled manner to determine its ability to manage the required load and operate efficiently during a potential outage. They are also used during maintenance periods to prevent any downtime from systems being shut off.


Rack mounted load banks are commonly used during the commissioning of data centres and are also referred to as datacentre simulators. During the design stages of a server room, they are required to test the thermal and electrical load of the servers before any equipment is installed in the room. Load banks enable accurate testing with precise measures to help determine the optimal design of the server room. The load bank mimics the heat load to test if the cooling system will meet the demands of the server equipment and to ensure there will be no heat related problems occurring.


The rise in digitalisation and data processing has seen the demand for data centre systems significantly increase over the past few years. Reliable, and accurately designed systems are crucial for protecting equipment and preventing outages which can result in failure to access critical data.


Our compact axial fans available to buy online, in AC, DC, EC versions are durable and can provide a reliable airflow in tougher, often elevated temperature environments. The compact design of the fan makes it a suitable option to be installed in a rack mounted configuration, particularly inside enclosure load banks with limited space. Compact axial fans produce low noise emissions, providing the most suitable and cost-effective solution for this type of equipment.


Insufficient cooling of load banks can lead to decreased performance, electrical faults, thermal damage to components, and failure to operate. In cases of a fault leading to loss of airflow, units will typically cease to run or drop their load. To ensure sufficient airflow, it is important to consider the position of the load bank to ensure adequate clearance for the intake and exhaust airflow. Other common problems leading to poor airflow include old, outdated fans leading to mechanical and electrical faults and faulty sensors.


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