Anti-Condensation Heaters

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HWM100 100W Metal Housing Enclosure Heater 110-240V AC/DC Cable 500mm
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HWM150 150W Metal Housing Enclosure Heater 110-240V AC/DC Cable 500mm
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HWP045 45W Plastic Touch Safe Enclosure Heater 110-240V AC/DC Cable 500mm
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80Watt Enclosure Heater
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100Watt Enclosure Heater
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45 watt heater
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150 Watt enclosure heater
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RACP30 30 Watt Enclosure Heater 265V AC IP20 Core Cable Connection **DISCONTINUED**
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Effective Condensation Control in Electrical Control Panels

Fandis anti condensation enclosure heaters are used for warming up the air inside electrical cabinets protecting electrical and electronic components from condensation and corrosion. Axair Fans cabinet heaters have a self regulating PTC element that is designed to maintain optimal temperatures within panels or enclosures and are made from a black anodised aluminium. Heaters should be used in circumstances where there is a change in temperature in the enclosure or cabinet that may result in condensation.

For many years, Axair has operated in the thermal management market, supplying high quality enclosure solutions from Italian manufacturer, Fandis, including heaters, lights, thermostats and switches to protect and equip panels sufficiently or as required by our customers. Effective thermal management is essential for ensuring the reliability of electronic components within an enclosure. Our enclosure ventilation accessories and climate control solutions will meet customer needs for heat dissipation and temperature control, preventing the premature failure of equipment.

By keeping an enclosure at a temperature of as little as 5 degrees higher than that of the ambient temperature, condensation can be  eliminated.  The warmer the air, the more water vapour it can contain. When air is cooled it can no longer hold the water vapour and reaches  its dew point – this is where condensation arises.

The most effective solution to prevent condensation includes enclosure heaters, hygrostats and thermostats. Heaters are typically used alongside fan filter units and thermostats with enclosures to ensure they stay above the minimum operating temperature and to control condensation formation.

Shop our range of cabinet heaters to effectively manage the temperature of your enclsoure. Details of our range are below:

Axair Online Anti Condensation Enclosure Heaters; 

H SERIES - touch proof series with cable or terminal block connections, available with metal or touch safe plastic cover

H SERIES WITH FAN - touch proof heaters with built in fans to provide a forced air circulation to guarantee an even heat distribution in enclosures, thus minimising the risk of condensation. 

RAC & RACM SERIES - available with cable or terminal block (M), these metal heaters have a built in limiting PTC device to prevent over heating. Please note these heaters are currently part of a discontinued range and once stock is exhausted they will not be available.