Air Filtration G4 & HEPA

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DIF-PUR 6/12 EC Purifier Fan Filter Unit G4 & H14 Filters
DIF-PUR 6/6 EC Purifier Fan Filter Unit with G4 & H14 Filter
G4 Filter Reintair 300
G4 Filter Reintair 600
H14 Filter Reintair 300
H14 Filter Reintair 600
K7 600 A OH + F CL Air & Surface Purifier Plug & Play System
Reintair L 600 AC: Plug and play air purifier
REINTAIR L 600EC Plug & Play Air Purifier
REINTAIR S 300 EC Plug & Play Air Purifier
REINTAIR WARRIOR 600EC Plug & Play Air Filter with UV-C
Reintdeck Easy 1200 EC Air Purifier

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Introducing Reintair by Casals. A specialist range of air filters with the ability to turn any indoor space into a virus free environment. Reintair was designed specifically to reduce the virus contaminated particles of any room helping towards eliminating the spread and prevention of viruses such as COVID-19. 

How does the Reintair work?
The Reintair air purification system pulls contaminated air through a set of highly efficient HEPA 14 air filters that traps harmful particles and re-circulates the clean filtered air back into the room.  Air is filtered through a G4 filter to remove large particles and then through a HEPA 14 filter to catch smaller harmful particles and viruses.

What is a HEPA filter?
HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. This type of filter is produced to a specific standard which enables the filter media to extract 99.97% at 0.3 micrometers of pollutant from the environment.  HEPA filters are designed to contain the fine, almost invisible and very often dangerous particulate which cannot be picked up by general filter. 

The Reintair is available in two sizes:

REINTAIR S is ideal for spaces up to 45m2 in area.
Size (W) 412 mm x (D) 412 mm x (H) 670 mm

REINTAIR L is the most ideal option for spaces of up to 90m2 of surface.
Size (W) 412 mm x (D) 412 mm x (H) 975 mm

Designed for any type of indoor space where high-quality air purification is required. Typical applications include any healthcare environment (pharmacies, waiting rooms, hospital room, care homes etc), offices, hotels, universities, schools, restaurants, supermarkets and any type of residential sector.