REINTAIR WARRIOR 600EC Plug & Play Air Filter with UV-C

REINTAIR WARRIOR 600EC Plug & Play Air Filter with UV-C

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Lead Times variable - contact us on 01782 349 430
Manufacturer CASALSEU


The Reintair Warrior constantly renews the air in a room to prevent any bacteria, dust or odours from building up. It has the same equipment as the Reintair EC, but the Warrior version also has the PHOTOCATALYSIS-UVC TOWER by Casals installed, consisting of a UV-C ultraviolet light lamp and a photocatalysis system that allows destroying the particles previously captured by the filters. The Reintair Warrior equipped with high efficiency and silent fans to guarantee low energy consumption.


The Process:
• PHOTOCATALYSIS-UVC TOWER by Casals carries out a photocatalytic oxidation process that combines UVC irradiation with a substance (catalyst) titanium dioxide (TiO2) which results in a reaction that changes harmful contaminants (bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds or VOC’s) into H2O, CO2  and detritus.
• The air purification process of using photocatalytic oxidation works by using an existing air system that pulls air through the REINTAIR® which passes through the professionally installed ultraviolet light/ titanium dioxide chamber. As the malignant contaminant-filled ambient air circulates through these chamber the microbes are “attacked” by  free hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions (created by UV light and titanium dioxide) breaking their cellular structure apart and destroying both the intracellular mass and DNA/HNA chromosomes.
The result is harmless water molecules, carbon dioxide and detritus.


The Reintair Warrior is suitable for all kind of indoor spaces where high-quality air purification is required. Typical applications include ventilation of workstations, the health sector, the tertiary, the industrial sector and the residential sector.


• High efficiency purification unit built in soundproof steel structure, galvanized for corrosion resistance.
• Available in EC in two different sizes:
1. REINTAIR® S EC up to 300m3/h for indoor spaces (2,5m high) of up to 45m2.
2. REINTAIR® L EC up to 600m3/h for indoor spaces (2,5m high) of up to 90m2.

    Soundproof 30mm extruded aluminum profile, nylon corners and pre lacquered steel sandwich panels, RAL 9006, class M0, with 25mm internal rockwool insulation class A1 (non combustible) and 90Kg/m3 density. Panels come with quick release fastening system for easy assembly and disassembly whenever required, whether for cleaning, maintenance or panel repositioning.
    • Filters are located in the perforated side panels, with handles and fastening system. This ease of access optimizes maintenance and filter replacement procedures. Filter replacement and manipulation of the REINTAIR® WARRIOR is recommended with the appropriate PPE’s.
    • REINTAIR® purifiers are equipped with 4 wheels with brakes on the base for ease of mobility throughout the interior spaces.
  • FAN:
    Equipped with high efficiency single inlet - backward impeller with self-cleaning system, made of polyamide, statically and dynamically balanced at the factory.
    Dual filtering stage at each end of the REINTAIR® WARRIOR comprised of 2x Iso Coarse 65% (G4) + 2x HEPA H14.
    • 4 filters per purification unit.
    • The Iso Coarse 65% pre-filters increase the life of the absolute filters HEPA H14.
    Low consumption EC (electronically commutated) Technology exterior rotor motor. IP-44 protection and class B insulation. Standard voltage 230V 50Hz/60Hz.
    All REINTAIR® air purifiers are equipped with a master control panel located on one side of the structure.
    • This control panel allows for control of the following parameters:
    1. On/Off of the air Purifier.
    2. Automatic function – Autonomous.
    3. Flow adjustment, 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest.
    4. Schedule control for night mode optimization and thus favouring low energy consumption when the interior spaces are empty.
    5. Clogged filter alarm and maintenance indication