Reintdeck False Ceiling Air Purifier

Reintdeck False Ceiling Air Purifier

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Lead time variable - contact us on 01782 349 430
Lead Times variable - contact us on 01782 349 430
Manufacturer CASALSEU
Max Air Flow (50Hz) 112(m³/h)
Bearing Type Ball Bearing


The Reintdeck is designed to be installed in false ceilings, or by simple hanging, which makes them the best solution for ventilation of workstations, the health sector, the tertiary and the industrial sector.

Key Features:

• Soundproof 30mm extruded aluminum profile, nylon corners and pre lacquered steel sandwich panels, RAL 9006, class M0, with 25mm internal rockwool insulation class A1 (non combustible) and 90Kg/m3 density.  Panels come with quick release fastening system for easy assembly and disassembly whenever required, whether for cleaning, maintenance or panel repositioning.
• Filters are located in the perforated side panels, with handles and fastening system.  This ease of access optimizes maintenance and filter replacement procedures.  Filter replacement and manipulation of the REINTDECK is recommended with the appropriate PPE’s.
• Equipped with high efficiency single inlet - backward impeller with self-cleaning system, made of polyamide, statically and dynamically balanced at the factory.
• Triple filtering stage at each panel, comprised of 5x ISO Coarse 50% (G4) + 5 ISO ePM1 70% (F7) + 5  HEPA H14. The ISO Coarse 50% pre-filters increase the life of the absolute filters HEPA H14.
• Low consumption EC (electronically commutated) Technology exterior rotor motor.  IP-44 protection and class B insulation.  Standard voltage 230V 50Hz/60Hz. EEC PM MOTORS
• All REINTDECK and REINTDECK EASY air purifiers are equipped with a master control panel located on one side of the structure.