Reintair L 600 AC: Plug and play air purifier

Reintair L 600 AC: Plug and play air purifier

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The Reintair filter has the ability to turn any indoor space into a virus free environment. Reintair was designed specifically to reduce the virus contaminated particles of any room helping towards eliminating the spread and prevention of viruses such as COVID 19 and influenza. Reintair will elimiate bacteria, viruses, allergens, moulds, odours and volatile organic compounds. 

How does Reintair work? 

The Reintair air purification system pulls contaminated air through a set of highly efficient HEPA H14 air filters that traps harmful particles and re-circulates the clean filtered air back into the room.  Air is filtered through a G4 filter to remove large partcles and then through a HEPA 14 filter to catch smaller harmful particles and viruses. 


  • Dual filtering stage at each end of the Reintair comprised of 2x Iso Coarse 65% (G4) + 2x HEPA H14.
  • 4 filters per purification unit.
  • The Iso Coarse 65% pre-filters increase the life of the absolute filters HEPA H14
  • Average filter life is apromoaliy 12 months depending on city environment

Key Features

  • Equipped with 4 wheels with brakes on the base for ease of mobility throughout the interior spaces
  • Soundproof 30mm extruded aluminum profile
  • Panels come with quick release fastening system for easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning, maintenance or panel repositioning.
  • Filters are located in the perforated side panels, with handles and fastening system. 
  • Equipped with high efficiency single inlet - backward impeller with self-cleaning system, made of polyamide, statically and dynamically balanced at the factory to ensure quiet operation 
  • Has a master control panel located on one side of the structure.


Designed for any type of indoor space where high-quality air purification is required. Typical applications include any healthcare environment (pharmacies, waiting rooms, hospital room, care homes etc), offices, hotels, universities, schools, restaurants, supermarkets and any type of residential sector. 

Size (W) 412 mm x (D) 412 mm x (H) 975 mm

REINTAIR L 600 AC is effective up to 600m3/h for indoor spaces (2,5m high) of up to 90m2.