FPF15KUGC-110 EMC Fandis Exhaust Filter to Fit Cut Out 223x223mm. RAL 7035

FPF15KUGC-110 EMC Fandis Exhaust Filter to Fit Cut Out 223x223mm. RAL 7035

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Lead Times variable - contact us on 01782 349 430
Manufacturer FANDISEU
Cut Out Size 223x223mm
EMC Shielded Yes
IP Rating IP54


Specially designed for control panels and enclosures, the FPF range of exhaust filter units offer:

  • Compact sizes and low external profile
  • Fast mounting thanks to plastic elastic hooks
  • Integrated sealing gasketts for dust and water protection

Standard Specifications of EMC Exhaust Filter:

  • Electromagnetic radiation protection
  • Mounting without screws in square openings, tolerance range of 1.5mm
  • Plate thickness between 1.5 and 2.2mm
  • Plastic parts in PC/ABS alloy
  • Permanent sealing gasket in polyurethane foam
  • Filter media in thermo-linked progressive structure synthetic fibre - filter class G3 (optionally filter class G4)
  • Filter media can be cleaned, up to 10 times by washing, blowing dry and lightly beating
  • Standard RAL 7035 colour
  • Washable filter media available here
  • IP54 rated
  • CSA approved, UL approval according to UL 508
  • Also available as full unit with supplied fan

Dimensions of FPF15KUGC-110 Exhaust Filter:

FPF15 Exhaust Filter

The FPF15KUGC exhaust filter facilitates effective use of a fan filter unit when either delivering or exhausting air from an enclosure. Click fit mount comes as standard throughout the range, which allows for fast mounting thanks to its elastic hooks, this means no need for tools or gadgets to fit. The plastic parts are made of PC/ABS alloy. The FPF15KUGC comes with integrated sealing gaskets in polyurethane foam for dust and water protection making it IP54 and is compact with a plate thickness range of 1.5mm. The filter media comes with G3 as standard but can be upgraded to G4 upon request. The filter media in thermos-linked progressive structure synthetic fiber can be washed up to 10 times and reused. The exhaust filter/inlet can be fitted for a low external profile, or if more space inside the enclosure is needed an adaptor can be used giving the unit more space inside extending the fan filter units external profile. The FPF15KUG  comes as standard in colour RAL 7035, but is available in 4 other colours on request. The enclosure exhaust is UL approved as well as CSA approved. IP55, 3R, Type1 and EMC versions are also available on request. The Exhaust / inlet is also available as a full unit with a supplied fan from the range picked to meet requirements.

We recommend using FPF15 filter fans alongside the FPF15KUGC-110 air inlet/exhaust to allow the air to move freely through the enclosure.