TRT-230V-S01 Thermostat Change-over For Use With NO & NC Thermostats

TRT-230V-S01 Thermostat Change-over For Use With NO & NC Thermostats

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Manufacturer FANDISEU
Voltage 230V.a.c


The TRT-230V-S01 Axair online enclsoure thermostat change over is supplied for use with fans and heaters to effective control the temperature and condensation within an electrical enclosure.

TRT-230V-S01 Key Features:

  • Bimetallic sensor thermostats
  • Narrow Switch
  • Control ranger -10 degrees to + 80 degrees celcius
  • Innovative fixing system for 3 sizes of DIN rail (15, 32 & 35)
  • Available in standard RAL 7035

Within an electrical enclosure the TRT-230V-S01 thermostat changeover is effectively controlled using a bi metallic strip of copper and steel. When the temperature changes the strips react to switch control to either the fan, when cooling is required, or the heater when heating is required.Control is then monitored according to the differential set point configured on set up. The changeover thermostat is wired directly to both the compact axial fan usually in the fan filter unit to ramp up the positive airflow passing through the cabinet or to the heater to ensure that the temperature remains high enough to avoid unecessary condensation forming on electrical components.

Alternatively the twin enclosure thermostat can provide a cost effective alternative. Shop the range here.