AC Compact Axial Fans

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C22S12HKBD00 AC Axial Compact Fan 218x218x83mm 855m³/h 79w 115V Ball Bearing
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C22S23HKBD00 AC Axial Compact Fan 218x218x83mm 855m³/h 78W 230V Ball Bearing
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C22S40HKBD00 AC Axial Compact Fan 218x218x83 970m³/h 174W 400V Ball Bearing
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AC Axials Fans Ideal for Server Racks & Electronic Cooling

Axair Online stock a wide range of standard and custom designed compact frame axial fans for both AC, DC & EC brushless axial and centrifugal fans, including solutions specific to different ambient conditions such as IP55 protection, all metal and high-temperature resistant fans. Ideal server cooling fans and electronics cooling fans are available in a wide range of sizes and air flows to suit your panel cooling requirements. 

Also known as Frame Fans, these versatile units are commonly used in refrigeration, enclosure cooling and many general ventilation applications. Compact Frame Axial Fans are used alongside fan filter exhausts to produce fan filter units for use in cabinet cooling to protect components from premature failure. 

To protect personnel and the public from harm consider using compact frame axial fans alongside a metal fan guard or plastic finger guard. Using a metal fan guard will protect moving parts of the frame axial fan and prevent harm to those in contact. Ingress protection of up to IP56 can be achieved with the use of a stainless steel cover. Axair online supply a wide range of axial fans including high temperature, DC EC and ATEX EC IP68.

AC Frame axial fans

All AC frame axial fans are available with sleeve or ball bearings as standard with many offering either wired or terminal connections in both 115v and 230v current. Our product pages show the maximum air flow achievable with each specific fan alongside their product code. Please note, this will change depending on the system pressures that will affect the delivered airflow. For more information on specifying a duty or operating point contact us on 01782 349 430 or visit for technical information on understanding the operating and duty points. 

Axair Online have over 25 years experience in air movement and have developed a centre of excellence when it comes to technical support for our customers in an extensive range of applications including cooling and heating. We supply industrial and commercial fan models exclusively to the UK market. 

Visit our knowledge zone for enclosure cooling advice, how-to guides and tips for best practice in cabinet climate control.