Temperature and Humidity Control

Learn how enclosure thermostats work to provide effective temperature and humidity level control in enclosures. 

Fitting an inexpensive thermostat alongside a filter fan unit is a cost effective solution for reliable temperature control in an enclosure.

Thermostats eliminate the need for 24 hour fan operation as the fan is only drawing power or running when the rise in the enclosure temperature calls for it. This reduces the strain on the filter fan unit, conserves energy and extends the lifetime of the components which ultimately reduces the cost of replacements. Reduced running time also results in less dust build up on the media inside the filter fan giving it longer usage and less maintenance requirements. When configured correctly a thermostat can interact with other components inside the enclosure to provide a warning in critical situations or to activate countermeasures and automatic regulation systems.

How Do Enclosure Thermostats Work?

Bi-metallic thermostats are used to control the temperature within electronic enclosures.

Axair Online offers 2 variants of thermostats: normally-closed and normally-open.

 -  Normally-closed thermostats are used with anti-condensation heaters to maintain a pre-set minimum temperature that will prevent condensation.

 -  Normally-open thermostats are used to switch the cabinet fan on at a pre-set maximum temperature, replacing the warm air with cooler ambient air. These can also activate an alarm to indicate high internal temperature.

Twin Enclosure Thermostats

There is also the option to install a dual thermostat system which removes the need to purchase two separate devices, allowing you to control your ventilation and anti-condensation systems independently and simultaneously, from one compact unit.

Not only will you reap the benefits of not having to buy, install and operate two devices, other advantages of using the bi-metallic twin thermostat include a reduction in temperature fluctuations, a reduction in fan noise omissions and a reduction in power consumption.

The CE approved unit is available in "normally closed / normally open", "normally closed / normally closed", "normally open / normally open" contact configuration. It operates from -10 degrees c to 80 degrees c and runs on voltages between 100Vac and -250Vac. Housed within a durable polyamide casing, fitting is a simple snap-on process, with the unit easily attached to a standard (EN 50 022) 35MM rail.

NO/NC/ Change Over Thermostats

The TRT-230V-S01 change over thermostats are available with normally closed, normally open and change over contact. They work in combination with heating or ventilation products to provide precise and effective temperature and humidity level control.

It contains a bi metallic strip of copper and steel which reacts when the temperature of the enclosure changes, switching control to either the fan or the heater depending on if heat or cooling is required. The temperature control is consistently monitored according to the differential point configured on set up. This prevents condensation formation on the electrical components.

The snap-on fixing system, for 35-mm DIN rail, allows quick and easy mounting of the thermostats inside the electrical enclosure. The electrical connection (the locking of the electrical cable in the thermostat) is made through a safe and reliable screw system.


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