TRT-10A230V-NO Thermostat Normally Open For Use With Fans

TRT-10A230V-NO Thermostat Normally Open For Use With Fans

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Manufacturer FANDISEU
Voltage 110-250 a.c


The Axair TRT-10A230V-NO Normally Open Thermostat is supplied for use with fans and alarms.

TRT-10A230V-NO Key Features:

  • Bimetallic sensor thermostats
  • Narrow Switch
  • Control range -10 degrees to + 80 degrees celcius
  • Innovative fixing system for 3 sizes of DIN rail (15, 32 & 35)
  • Available in standard RAL 7035
  • Rated voltage range 50/60Hz 110 - 250 (Vac)

For use alongside fans the TRT-10A230V-NO Normally-open Thermostats are used to switch the cabinet fan on at a pre-set maximum temperature, replacing the warm air with cooler ambient air. These can also activate an alarm to indicate high internal temperature. Using a thermostat can offer many benefits. They will save energy, only switching the fan/heater on when required and therefore extending the life of the fan as a result. Furthermore when used with a fan filter they will reduce the need to replace or clean the filter media and therefore save on maintenance costs.

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