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FPF12KUG Exhaust Filter
FPF13KUG Fan Filter Exhaust / Inlet
FPF15KUG-100 Fan Filter Exhaust to Fit Cut Out 223x223mm | Fandis
FPF15KUGC-110 EMC Fan Filter Exhaust to Fit Cut Out 223x223mm | Fandis
FPF20KUG-100 Fan Filter Exhaust to Fit Cut Out 291x291mm | Fandis

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Enclosure Exhaust Filters from Enclosure Specialists Fandis

Fandis exhaust filters are used alongside filter fan units or roof fan units to facilitate enclosure climate control within control panels and enclosures. These enclosure filter exhausts offer fast mounting thanks to plastic-elastic hooks. As standard across the cabinet ventilation market, filter exhausts are available in 5 industry specific sizes,; 92mm, 125mm, 177mm, 223mm or 291mm with low external profiles. The highly durable filter exhausts have integrated sealing gaskets for dust and water protection to IP54 as standard. IP55 and EMC versions are available on request but will be subject to extended lead times, please enquire if you require more specific information. 

Where to Situate an Enclosure Exhaust Filter

REVERSE AIRFLOW: When using a reverse airflow filter fan, this will act as the inlet to pull air into the enclosure. Typically reverse airflow fans are situated at the top of the enclosure to withdraw the hot air from the enclosure. Exhaust filters will be situated at the bottom to allow cold air to enter the enclosure. 

STANDARD AIRFLOW: A filter exhaust can be used with a standard flow fan filter unit to allow warm air to escape from the top of the enclosure. In this configuration, the filter fan is situated at the base of the enclosure to mechanically pull cold air into the enclosure. The exhaust filter is then placed at the top to allow hot air to dissipate out of the enclosure. 

ROOF MOUNTED: The third illustration shows how filter exhausts can be used at the bottom of the enclosure to allow cool air into the enclosure when a roof mounted fan is pulling the hot air our from the top of the enclosure. 


The air inlets come with integrated filter IP54 media as standard. It is good practice to wash this once it is dirty to prolong the performance of ingress protection whilst allowing sufficient air flow. Filter media can be washed up to ten times and we offer replacement filter media in G3 (IP54) or G4 (IP55). Find out if your ingress protection is up to scratch in our knowledge zone.

Our Standard IP54 Filter exhausts from Fandis exist in the Following Code's:

FPF08KUG-101 - to fit cut out size of 92x92mm  

FPF12KUG-100 - to fit cut out size of 125x125mm

FPF13KUG-100 - to fit cut out size of 177x177mm

FPF15KUG-100 - to fit cut out size 223x223mm

FPF20KUG-100 - to fit cut out size 291x291mm

Axair Online is the only official UK supplier of Fandis enclosure climate control components. Ensure you are buying authentic Fandis products by only choosing official market products.